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How To Run Instagram Ads? Easy Guide!

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If you want to connect to your Instagram account, you can add it to your Business Manager or connect through your page settings. Prepare images or videos that you would like to include your ad. Determine which Facebook advertising goal aligns with your marketing goal.


To select Instagram as the location of your ads:

1. Go to Ad Manager.

2. Select Create.

3. Choose a target that supports Instagram as an ad placement.

4. Select Continue.

5. Complete the details of your ad set.

6. In the placements section, you can select Edit placements and select Instagram to have your ads appear on Instagram. If you select Automatic placements, your ad will appear in a variety of Facebook locations, including Instagram, to give you the best value for your ads.


7. Select Continue. You have now selected Instagram as your location. You can complete your ad by adding details for the identity, format and related links of your ad. Once you have completed these details, you can preview your ad before submitting it for review. When your ad has been approved, it will automatically appear on Instagram.

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